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Soligorsk Regional Executive Committee
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Main / news / Local News
1 August 2022

The first millennials of the Soligorsky district. Who are they?

Harvesting is proceeding at a rapid pace. And in the Soligorsky district there are the first thousand people. Dmitry Kunger, a combine harvester of JSC "Miner", threshed his first thousand tons of grain. The driver Mikhail Tsuba also crossed the threshold of the first thousand tons of grain while transporting grain.

The head of JSC "Miner" Konstantin Lipai says about his people: "Our people understand what bread is. This is Dima's fourteenth season, Misha has been working at MAZ for about 20 years and takes grain to Strada. Cleaning is such a contagious thing, - the head notes with humor, - if you have worked for two seasons, then in the third, when the harvest time comes, everything pulls you here. I know a lot of examples when people simply get infected with this disease, in a good sense of the word, and work on harvesting grain from year to year.

In the farm, if you look at the indicators, in 2021 the yield for barley is 6 quintals per hectare higher than last year. The head of the farm hopes that this year the grain will be pleased with the final harvest.

Artashes Sahakyan, Head of the Department for Agriculture and Food of the Soligorsky District Executive Committee, Nikolay Tkachik, Chairman of the Soligorsky District Committee of Trade Unions of Agricultural Workers, and Konstantin Lipai, head of the Miner OJSC, congratulated the first thousand people of our district.

Source: Шахцёр