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Plans to build 4.2m m2 of housing in Belarus in 2022


There are plans to build 4.2 million square meters of housing in Belarus in 2022. These plans were formalized by the Council of Ministers' Resolution No. 69 as of 4 February 2022. The document was officially published on the National Legal Internet Portal on 9 February, BelTA informs.

In line with the document, 640,000 m2 of housing will be built in Brest Oblast, 355,000 m2 in Vitebsk Oblast, 520,000 m2 in Gomel Oblast, 475,000 m2 in Grodno Oblast, and 330,000 m2 in Mogilev Oblast. Some 1 million square meters of homes will be delivered in Minsk Oblast, of which 24,400 square meters should be put into operation by the Minsk City Executive Committee in satellite towns for people who were put on the waiting list for better housing in Minsk. Some 880,000 m2 of housing will be delivered in Minsk.

About 1.37 million m2 of housing will be commissioned this year for people on the waiting list for better housing, including 280,000 m2 in Brest Oblast, 150,000 m2 in Vitebsk Oblast, 230,000 m2 in Gomel Oblast, 200,000 m2 in Grodno Oblast, 220,000 m2 in Minsk Oblast, 150,000 m2 in Mogilev Oblast and 140,000 m2 in the city of Minsk.

The regional executive committees and the Minsk City Council, as well as the Architecture and Construction Ministry were instructed to supervise the fulfillment of the housing construction targets in 2022. At least 15% of all housing should be delivered in Q1 2022, at least 35% in H1 2022, 65% in January-September 2022. They also need to make sure that all multi-apartment residential buildings will be designed, constructed and delivered in a energy-efficient way. They were also tasked to curb the growth in housing construction costs when it comes to subsidized housing. This is expected to be done by focusing on the construction of economy-class housing.

In addition to that, local authorities, together with the Architecture and Construction Ministry, were tasked to provide comprehensive assistance to people who want to build single-family homes. This assistance includes expanding the range of housing construction products needed to build detached housing, creating a system of related services and providing assistance with the delivery of building materials. According to the document, single-family homes should account for at least 40% of all housing commissioned in the country.

Each region and Minsk should build housing where electrical energy is used for heating, hot water supply and cooking.

The document comes into force after its official publication and extends to relations that arose from 1 January 2022.

Source: BelTA

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