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Lukashenko gives additional instructions to landscape Bragin, other Chernobyl-hit towns


Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko gave additional instructions regarding the landscaping and development of Bragin and other Chernobyl-affected towns during his working trip on 26 April, BelTA has learned. 

The head of state drew attention to the need to clearly determine the land plots that could be in demand for private housing construction and landscaping around them. 

He proposed to act in the same way with respect to other similar urban settlements and small towns in the south of Belarus, making improvements and creating living conditions for people. 

Another focus is the maximum use of local raw materials and fuels, and the use of electricity. 

The head of state was briefed on the progress made in landscaping Bragin. These works were carried out in 2018 as part of the president's instruction to complete the landscaping projects in at least two urban settlements in each region within five years, taking into account local features, and following the example of the urban settlement Kopys in Orsha istrict. 

In particular, social and sport infrastructure has been developed and a park has been arranged. “The center of the town is ideal today,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. 

The president stressed that unlike Kopys, Bragin is the center of the district. “The level is higher than in Kopys. Nevertheless, some ideas of Kopys' landscaping should be used here. We have divided the area into land plots there. People are free to buy them, build houses. We should do the same here. This is the development prospect of Bragin and other small [towns],” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. 

“In this regard, this is good experience of putting in order not only the villages, but also the district centers. We can also do the same in agro-towns, and larger cities. We should pay attention to it,” added the Belarusian leader. 

He is sure that with a thorough approach, including the construction of roads and infrastructure, such areas will be in demand. 

“It should definitely be done in Bragin. It would be great for a settlement like Bragin: there is a center where people can come and do sports. The houses are neat and tidy. We need to support our five or six southern districts. We cannot abandon these lands. How one can protect these lands if there are no people here. We have to develop such settlements, district centers and agro-towns. 

The head of state also spoke to the youth. The development and support of amateur sports in small towns and settlements like Bragin was discussed. Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed the importance of this area, calling it one of the foundations of the ideological work.

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