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Belarus' social, economic development program for 2021-2025 passed


Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has signed decree No.292 to pass the program on Belarus' social and economic development in 2021-2025, BelTA has learned. The main provisions of the program were approved by the 6th Belarusian People's Congress.

The program specifies goals, tasks, and priority directions of the country's social and economic development for the five-year term. It also specifies implementation measures, targets to measure the development of specific industries, spheres of economy and regions as well as the expected results.

The key goal of the program is to ensure stability in the society and growing welfare of citizens by means of modernizing the economy, building up the social capital, creating comfortable conditions for life, work, and self-realization of individuals.

Belarus' development will be based on such priorities as happy family, strong regions, intellectual country, and state as a partner in order to promote growing mutual trust between the state and the society, the state and the person, the state and the private sector. The program intends to achieve these priorities by resolving the most pressing problems of every citizen: earnings, employment, affordable housing, safe transport, affordable and high-tech healthcare services, quality education, and the development of the regions. A 20.2% increase in earnings will be the foundation for people's wellbeing.

The program provides for transition to a full-fledged sectoral policy for the sake of improving the quality of state administration. In particular, the program focuses on the development of industry-specific development strategies, on promotion of interests of private and state enterprises, primarily on foreign markets.

The program is supposed to bring about a brand new level of economic development of the state and respectively a brand new level of people's welfare and living standards.

Source: БелТА

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