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Belarus shares experience in agro-town construction with Azerbaijan


Azerbaijan is studying Belarus' experience in the construction of agro-towns, Belarusian Agriculture and Food Minister Ivan Krupko told journalists on 2 June, BelTA has learned.

“Azerbaijan is Belarus' strategic partner. In 2020, Belarus-Azerbaijan trade in agricultural and food products totaled $35 million, which was up by 5.3% over 2019. Belarus' export came at $30.4 million (up by 10.7% over 2019). In January-March 2021, Belarus' supplies to Azerbaijan amounted to $8.1 million (up 6% year-on-year). Belarusian dairy and meat products are popular in Azerbaijan,” Ivan Krupko said. Belarus' exports to Azerbaijan also include confectionery, while its major imports are vegetables, gourds, berries, and fruit.

Belarus' major exporters to Azerbaijan are such companies as the Belovezhskiye Syry cheese maker, Luninets Dairy Plant, the Molochny Mir dairy, Rogachev Milk Canning Factory, Kalinkovichi Dairy Plant, Lida Milk Canning Factory, and Minsk Dairy Plant No.1.

“We are searching for new areas of mutual interest. For example, livestock breeding (cattle supplies, selective breeding, animal identification) and construction of agro-towns are seen as promising cooperation areas,” Ivan Krupko noted.

On 1 June, Ivan Krupko met with Azerbaijan's Minister of Agriculture Inam Kerimov and Chairman of Azerbaijan's Food Security Agency Goshqar Tahmazli. The Azerbaijani delegation also visited the Belagro 2021 expo. On 2 June, the delegation went to Nesvizh District of Minsk Oblast to get familiar with the Agrokombinat Snov agricultural enterprise and the construction of social and cultural facilities in local agro-towns.

Founded in 2006, the agro-town of Snov at the Agrokombinat Snov agricultural enterprise boasts a well-developed infrastructure, featuring a bath-and-laundry facility, a consumer services center, a recreation center, a school of arts, a stadium seating 500 people, a hotel, a cafe, a swimming pool, a polyclinic, and retail outlets.

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