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"The economy is the foundation of everything." Natalia Kochanova met with Minsk region management


Topical issues of regional development, taking into account modern challenges, were discussed by the Chairman of the Council of the Republic Natalia Kochanova at a meeting with activists of Minsk region. The meeting was attended by the head of the central region Alexander Turchin, chairmen of the district executive committees and district councils of deputies, Minskaya Pravda reports.

Natalya Kochanova emphasized that events with active members of the regions have become traditional. Meetings in Minsk and Mogilev regions complete the cycle of such meetings.

The chairmen of the district executive committees and district councils of deputies were given the tasks that the head of state sets for local authorities. The emphasis is on the economy, because this area is at the forefront of the development of any region, as well as those areas that concern people: housing and communal services, healthcare, education, social protection.

— The head of state always notes that the economy is the foundation of everything. Therefore, we must first of all pay attention to the work of our enterprises, organizations and institutions. People should have jobs and get paid, — Natalya Kochanova stressed.

Also during the meeting, Natalia Kochanova from the Council of the Republic congratulated the Minsk region on its anniversary. Recall, on January 15, the central region celebrated the 85th anniversary of its formation. She thanked the local authorities for their work and everything they do for the benefit of our country and people.

Source: Minsk-region.gov.by

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