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Chairman of Minsk Region Executive Committee Alexander Turchin held a personal reception of citizens


9 people turned to the head of the central region with exciting questions. Everyone - with the hope of a positive decision. 


Lilia and Viktor Basko from the agro-town Loshnitsa, Borisov district, are engaged in farming and growing grain crops. Now they are planning to expand their farmland.

- We turned to the Borisov regional executive committee with a request to allocate 50 hectares of land, but we were offered a plot that has not been used for a long time and, accordingly, requires very serious preparation before launching it into crop rotation. Naturally, we do not have the necessary resources to prepare the land. In addition, it is not clear whether it is possible to get a good harvest on it, - says Lilia Basko.

- The regional executive committee supports the desire of people to work and get good results. Therefore, in your question, we will meet you halfway, just for a start we will allocate 20 hectares of land in the agricultural town of Loshnitsa. If you get a good harvest, which will be higher than that of the previous user of the land, it will be possible to talk about an increase in the area, - said Alexander Turchin.

- This decision suits us absolutely. We will work, - agreed Victor Basco.

The applicants also voiced another issue of concern to them - housing.

The chairman of the regional executive committee instructed the local authorities to study the issue in detail and provide assistance to a large family. 


A resident of the village of Voroshily, Minsk region, Yulia Kadelya, is concerned about the transportation of children to the school and the asphalting of the village road.

- There is no school in our and nearby villages, we have to bring children to the city. But public transport does not come to us. You need to walk a decent distance to the nearest stop. Naturally, some children are not allowed to go: either they are accompanied by adults, which is inconvenient, since many are at work, or they take them with them to Minsk schools. Is it possible to arrange for public transport to enter Voroshili, Shubniki and Zakharovichi, the applicant asked.

According to the chairman of the Minsk regional executive committee, Vladimir Yuryevich, a competition has already been announced to determine the carrier organization that will serve the aforementioned settlements. It is scheduled to be completed in January.

- This is the first solution to the problem. If the competition fails, we will consider the possibility of extending the urban transport route. In any case, the issue must be closed by March, ”stressed Alexander Turchin.


Director of the hotel complex "Green Park Hotel" Lyudmila Nichvayuk from the Smolevichi region asked for assistance in expanding the services of the medical center based on the hotel complex.

- The occupancy of the hotel has dropped. There are no tourists, but I want to be useful to the public, so now we are developing a program to improve the health of the population together with the Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital and the Republican Center for Medical Rehabilitation and Balneotherapy. We want to provide people with the opportunity to be treated at the hospitals, but to live and relax in a comfortable hotel complex. Now this is very important: after coronavirus infection, pneumonia or other diseases of the respiratory system, the population needs rest and rehabilitation. And we will be able to provide such services, but we would like our project to be supported in organizational aspects, "said Lyudmila Nichvayuk.

The chairman of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee appreciated the idea of ​​combining the hotel complex with medical facilities, gave advice on the implementation of the project and promised to assist in its implementation.

- I am very glad that our initiative was supported by the regional leadership. Now we will implement the project, - the applicant shared.


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