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A. Turchin on security issues in Minsk region: “Stronger measures should be taken against violators”


Public safety issues were discussed at a meeting of Minsk Regional Executive Committee, Minskaya Pravda reports.

— These are topics that concern each of us: occupational injuries, road and water safety, fires. These issues are within our sphere of influence. We need to think about what to do next, — said Alexander Turchin, chairman of Minsk Regional Executive Committee.

Only a thin crust of ice appeared on the lakes, when fishing enthusiasts went to the reservoirs. As a result, 3 fishermen drowned in the Dzerzhinsky district, two were rescued in Smolevichi.

Describing the incident in Smolevichi, Alexander Turchin stressed that half an hour before the tragedy, rescuers and OSVOD handed memos to the same fishermen. But one of them still went out on the ice. And falled through the ice.

Another important topic is the safety of children.

— We somehow easily relate to children in a socially dangerous position. We go and visit families. And we need to take tougher measures, — Alexander Turchin is sure.

Source: Minsk-region.gov.by

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